Studies have proved that the majority of our communication is what is perceived by others without words. It is no wonder that a smile says and does so much. It is a reflection of you and what you do.

Are you looking to turn back the ‘hands of time’? Do you want to restore your smile from an accident or just make an improvement on nature? The Smile Makeover by Dr. Robert Marus is your answer to a new and beautiful smile.

You no longer have to be a celebrity to have a ‘Hollywood smile’.Today we have the tools and techniques to correct and restore smiles of all ages; men and women alike. Whether you’re fulfilling a ‘transformation’ or just need ‘touch-ups’ after orthodontics, the Smile Makeover by Dr. Marus can redefine and complete your look with positive rejuvenation.

By selecting Dr. Marus you are selecting an accredited dentist by the AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). A special uniquely certified and ‘board approved' dentist. Dr. Robert Marus is the only dentist (AACD) accredited in Mercer and Bucks Counties. He is one of only five tested and accredited dentists within the entire state of Pennsylvania.