The office of Dr. Marus is for a very discerning clientele, for those seeking a respected name in the field of dentistry.    Dr. Marus has the reputation for outstanding academic credentials, artistic excellence and authority.

The office of Dr. Marus is a unique blend of experience, technology and personal interest in your dental care. The staff is comprised of team members who enjoy their profession and are dedicated to patient care.

Our office manager will answer your questions as well as discuss your treatment before and after your visit. You will find that scheduling an appointment is both easy and convenient.

Our dental hygienists bring an expertise unique to dental hygiene. You can be assured that your cleaning is done by an individual who makes it a point to know your dental history,  a person best suited to make recommendations to you and Dr. Marus. Maintaining your absolute comfort is our goal. Our team includes Registered Dental Hygienists with special training, education and experience in the care of cosmetic dental work.

We are a team committed to you and your family's dental care. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service. Each member of our team works together to meet your dental needs in a gentle, professional, and caring manner.  We take great pride in our expertise and are committed to providing a dental experience that is unsurpassed.