My back teeth have a lot of silver fillings. Is the tooth-colored filling material just as good as the silver?
New advances in tooth-colored porcelain and composite materials allow fillings to look like natural tooth structure. These new materials are stronger and more wear-resistant than silver and gold. Today, silver fillings are easily replaced to the tooth-colored fillings.

How can I close the big gap between my two front teeth?
Porcelain veneers or bonding can close gaps and help create the smile you desire. Bonding generally requires one office visit, while porcelain veneering takes two. Dr. Marus can explain these two techniques and help determine which is the best suited to your specific needs.

How can I make my dark teeth look whiter?
Tooth whitening, or bleaching, is the process for lightening discolored teeth. It is the #1 requested and performed cosmetic dental procedure. This can be performed in our office with the mouth tray system. The big advantage of the mouth tray system is the ability to perform touch-up treatments whenever you desire. Dentist-supervised whitening remains the safest and most effective way to whiter teeth.

Most of my teeth are bunched-up and crowded. How do I fix that?
With orthodontics, cosmetic contouring, and/or bonding and veneering, teeth can be reshaped and polished for a new look. Dr. Marus can explain what combination of techniques is needed for your individual situation and help determine which is the best suited to your needs.

What are veneers?
Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain covers that are affixed directly to the teeth. They are a great option for closing gaps or disguising discolored teeth that did not respond well to whitening procedures. They are crafted from lifelike, high-tech materials to portray a bright, natural smile. When bonded to the teeth, the ultra-thin porcelain veneers are virtually undetectable and highly resistant to staining. For strength and appearance, their resemblance to healthy, white tooth enamel is unsurpassed by other options. If you are looking to improve your smile, custom-fitted veneers provide the answer.

What is Bonding?
An option for chipped or cracked teeth, bonding is a process in which an enamel-like material is applied to a tooth's surface, sculpted into shape, hardened, and then polished for an ideal smile.

What are Implants?
A replacement for dentures, implants are a stronger, more attractive option for replacing missing or lost teeth. An anchor is placed in the patient's jaw, and a life-like ceramic restoration is built around it and matched to the original tooth color.

What is smile design?
Smile design is the analysis of tooth and gum position as well as how the teeth are framed by the lips. This is usually accomplished through photographic study. It is the architecture of the smile.

What are crowns or caps?
Crowns and bridgework are the solution for rebuilding teeth that have been damaged by accidents, cavities or wear. With a crown, a tooth is completely covered with porcelain or porcelain bonded to gold. When teeth have broken away through excessive wear, or as the result of old fillings breaking, crowns and/or bridges are the treatment of choice.